Star Dust Rules

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Founded 1970. home of some & the trust of all:
quasi-healthy food, beer, wine, spirits, mysticism, 10,000+/-
internationally minded works of cinema (in two formats), a
chapel, doors as tables, bathroom yoga, a photo booth,
art shows, poetry from the modern talkies, fliers from
around town, loose leaf teas, free www, parking lot bingo, a
state of the art community bike rack, page of the day- weekly,
liquid sugar, ice coffee, live music, live noise, unemployed
apples, arguments, vespas & mopeds, baristas of mercy, we
need a comedy night, waffles, bunn velocity brew, quarterly grand-ma bazaars &
dancing goats.

“so wrong, we are right.”

Address: 1842 E Winter Park Rd Orlando, Fl 32804

Phone: 407-623-3393