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Coffee vs. Espresso

So a lot of people don’t actually know the difference between coffee and espresso. The difference basically lies in the amount of caffeine in each of them. An average cup of coffee contains more caffeine as compared to the same size shot of espresso.

At our bar, we serve both coffee and espresso. Espresso costs a little more than coffee which is most people argue over the price.

Some people think they can easily buy one of the best espresso machine under $200. So why they should pay like $15-$20 for one shot of espresso?

Well, the answer is simple.

Machines don’t develop the taste. It’s humans who know how to do it right.

You might save some bucks by making your espresso at home but you will be missing out on some extreme taste we have developed over a couple of decades.

Our espresso and coffee is the best and we are proud of it. We use the most pure and organic coffee beans to make sure you get the best espresso shots.

If you think we didn’t meet your expectations, you are welcome to leave without paying bill.

We are really confident in the quality of our espresso and coffee. The best coffee shop in Orlando.

“so wrong, we are right.”

Address: 1842 E Winter Park Rd Orlando, Fl 32804

Phone: 407-623-3393